Vanguards of Health Skype Series



Stay tuned…eyes peeled….get ready to have a-ha moments Oprah style.

These are interviews from people in global health, equine therapy, primary care, food security and everything else in between!

I’m interviewing passionate change makers in health. You will be getting a chance to see what it takes to change the universe.

Highlighted interviews are on this site however to watch the whole series jump over to my Vimeo Channel using the link below:

I define health using a broad brush because health is connected with almost everything an individual does. There is a host of research about social connections and network theory and health. For those who are data mongers click here Health and Network Theory.

It is important to understand the many facets in which we are impacted by health for our own understanding and for those who are interested in impacting the health sector.

These people are going to blow you away with their honesty and detailed notes on how they got to where they are today. In order to make it feasible to get all the juicy details, the interviews are posted into two jam packed sessions. The first interview cuts to the chase– here they will tell you the problem they are intending to fix, how they chose their method as the way to do it and give advice to you on how to charge into their field. The second interview is a deep dive where they will tell you what it really takes to be a game changer, how to define success and weather you’re cut out for being the lead change agent or if you should make the leaders casseroles (everyone needs to eat so there is no disgrace intended here).


Have fun watching!

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