Boomers- Disruptive From Birth

Ahh Boomers. As the saying goes—They changed the world in the ‘60s and in their 60s they may do it again.

Being itinerant in nature—they view life after 65 differently than other generations. They are not interested in going to a nursing home (apparently neither are 75 year olds, per my interview) since those are for “old people.” They do not intend to medically combust and bankrupt Medicare as many policy wonks spend sleepless nights fretting about.

So what are they going to do?

Well according to Barbara Raynor, Managing Director of Boomers Leading Change in Health, lots of things.

In our first interview she introduces their organizational concept and theory of change.

You’ll get most of the goodies below in the Deep Dive which is only available via podcast on iTunes.

  • The rigorous 40 hour training that all volunteers must complete.
    • The curriculum design and how they have tweaked it over time.
  • The importance of evaluation and how JVA consulting  has helped the with that endeavor.
  • How to integrate a cadre of health care workers like health navigators and community health workers into the larger health delivery system.
  • The importance of inter-generational work.

By engaging the Boomers in meaningful work they are also providing a health service to their volunteers. They are keeping Boomers minds and bodies active– helping to keep them healthy and out of their own doctors offices (which as we have been told will cause the end of Medicare as we know it). But as good Pitchfork Optional devotees—we know that there is data to show that this approach actually decreases mild to moderate dementia.

Boomers Leading Change in Health is shaping health care delivery, decreasing costs and improving outcomes.

I guess the alphabet soup generations will have to find something else to fix.