Coalition Of The Reasonable: Pregnancy Edition

I had an epiphany during my commute home yesterday. Instead of focusing my energy and attention on differences of opinion about the recent spate of legislation and panels about birth control, religious conscience, abortion and payment methodologies, I realized I should focus on our common ground. There s something in between the “War on Women” and “Reclaiming Family Values.”

It seems like there shouldn’t be any. But I think people have gotten into the habit of cutting their noses off to spite their faces. I’ve decided I’m smarter than that. I think you are too. So here is my proposal about women’s and family health to the Coalition of the Reasonable that I believe is out there.

Things we can agree on:

  • Both eggs and semen are required for fertilization
  • Women get pregnant
  • Pregnancy is important
  • Healthy families are important
  • When the heart stops beating death occurs
  • Religion is important

Based on these tenets of mutual understanding I think we can get together and support the following policies:

1)   In order to fully support the health of pregnant women, their families and unborn children, all prenatal care, delivery services as well as postpartum care should be part of every health insurance plan. This should be at no additional cost to the women or families, and paid for regardless of provider type and setting in which services are rendered.

Rationale: We have already established that all parties agree that semen and eggs are required for pregnancy. Since people can provide either eggs or semen regardless of whether it is their intent to have a family—everyone is technically capable of producing an heir and therefore should pay into a system where this vital support of life is equally shared. Further, in order to accommodate everyone’s religious freedom and conscience, the setting ,and provider type for these services should not be restricted.

2)   Pregnant women and families, in consultation with their health care provider, should make the decision on what to do when the fetus/baby’s heart stops beating. For example, a) they decide whether or not to carry a still-born to term and b) they decide what to do in the event of an incomplete miscarriage.

Rationale: When the heart stops beating death occurs. In order to accommodate everyone’s religious freedom and conscience, this should not be restricted.

I feel so much better. I can’t wait to get started working with you on swapping out some of the current and pending legislation that is tearing our country apart and insert these policies. I think we have met everyone’s needs with this plan and can get back to creating jobs and passing that pesky highway bill.

P.S. I almost thought that paid maternity leave would be part of our common ground but I don’t want to start squabbling again. Let’s just focus on pregnancy and healthy families.

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