In Sickness And In Health 2.0

Talking with Graham Dodge Co-Founder and CEO of Sickweather made me not only very excited for the future of health 2.0 but also for his company.  During the naming process they made an important distinction between health and sickness.  This astuteness not only allowed them to avoid the “noise” of competing with companies named Health XXX or XXX Health but in addition, provides a great deal of clarity for the consumer when confronted with a name like Sickweather.

You know what you are looking for and you know what you are trying to avoid.

In our first interview Graham gives us the skinny on:

  • The problem they are trying to solve
  • Why his team chose this route to solve “the problem”
  • The turning point that brought led them to Sickweather
  • A tangible tip on start-ups


As usual our Deep Dive gives us the room to explore burning questions like:

  • How do you deal with concerns about privacy and social media?
  • What are you going to do with all that data?
  • Why do you think Google Health failed?
  • What is your revenue model?

I think this type of consumer facing model is powerful because it is poised to change behavior. From a systems and even health standpoint this is what we want. Many people try to get there and fall short. Once Sickweather matures, I can see ir becoming the place where you enter to see the forecast, get deals on how to treat what is coming and can make an appointment with a illness relieving provider when sickness hits.

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