Navigating Global Health as a Nurse Practitioner

Mark Anthony Gregorio, ANP-BC, have a Deep Dive conversation about culture shock, working in a culture that doesn’t know what NPs do, learning how to expand your formulary and the benefits of generosity.


Boldly going where other NPs go? I’ve met only a few nurse practitioners that have gone into global health and when I do– they tend to be CNMs. So I was thrilled when Mark Anthony Gregorio, ANP-BC (adult nurse practitioner) and I bumped into each other on Twitter.

For many, just getting through the gauntlet of training is enough of an “adventure” for many. I especially wanted to talk to Mark Gregario because he entered the global health route by doing a global health fellowship that was sponsored by his employer.

In our 5 min warm up interview we talk about his calling to join the health care field as a child in the Philippines and tangible tips for NPs interested in putting their toe in the waters of global health.

Our lively Deep Dive gets into

  • The reality of working in a different culture
  • Scoop on his global health fellowship
  • How he fit into the health structure as a nurse practitioner (multiple hats)
  • The benefits even one trip can have on your career

Excited? Catch up with him on Twitter:  MarkGregorio_NP and read his blog posts from his last trip

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