Blazing A Trail: Clinician Entrepreneur Makes App for Diabetes–Shares Passion For Health Innovation

I already shared with you how much I loved my conversation with Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer last month when I previewed our chat because I couldn’t keep all the insights to myself.

It’s time for youespecially clinicians who think you are so cool and innovative to listen to our two interview sessions on the Vimeo Channel or on iTunes as a podcast.

It’s also for people who are thinking about creating a health based app or another aspect of mobile health.

Everyone wants to be innovative. Lots of people are into making health “patient centered.” Dr. Shine Dyer does both of these things AND has shown that her methods actually improve health outcomes.

Which I have to say is why I love EndoGodess so much—the app is more than an electronic pamphlet. It engages the user, has rewards and gets people to check their blood sugar (which on later blood tests showed that more frequent checking led to better management of the person’s diabetes).

As I mentioned last month—what we as clinicians think is innovative may be old news or expected paths of communication by patients. So before you pat yourself on the back about the EMR, basic texting program or late afternoon office hours that you just implemented…think about this…we just started the year 2012.

Is any of that really innovative given that sending humans into space is now passé?

In our Deep Dive convo we talk about:

  • Her path from researcher-to-physician-to clinician/entrepreneur
  • If the medical system squashes innovations by clincians
  • How she and a med student wrote some basic php code which led to her EndoGodess app
  • How to get people to not be happy about having diabetes but at least check their blood sugar

Websites to peruse:

Duet Health Demo Video


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