Childhood Obesity: Fitness vs Movement

One Teacher’s Push to Inspire Activity for a Lifetime

Forget the PE of your childhood.

Caitlin Dugre, Middle School Physical Education Teacher and High School Field & Track Coach, shares how she went from not liking gym class and soccer to re-envisioning her life as an active person and sharing her passion with kids as a Physical Education Teacher.

(Click here for video & here for iTunes podcast)

I was skeptical. I asked her about why people talk about “movement” instead of exercise.

I had flashbacks of my 4th grade PE teacher…we were not friends.

I LOVED our Deep Dive conversation because we went beyond the usual “Johnny needs to get off the couch” conversation. We talk about how multifaceted healthy living is and transformative it is when children find activities that they are good at.

It’s beautiful stuff.

You should listen to our TWO interviews (especially the Deep Dive) or podcasts if:

  • You care about the health of  children
  • Have ever struggled with exercising or weight
  • You ever wondered what the difference between fitness and movement is about
  • Understand the history and implications of physical education in the US
  • Want to discover ways to connect with your body that does entail misery (I actually shouted at one point when we got to this)
  • You hated/strongly disliked your gym teacher

We also have a great heart to heart about how resilience and persistence is a struggle to learn and teach.

I had about 10 a-ha moments in talking with Caitlin and I’m certain you’ll have AT LEAST ONE.



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