A Community Cafe May Reduce Food Insecurity in D.C.

Last year,  50 million people — including 17 million children — lived in food insecure households in the United States. This means that more than potentially someone you and I know were not able to afford an adequate supply of food.  In DC, 12.9 percent of households were food insecure. It has gotten so bad that in October Sesame Street added Lily (a Muppet) to the cast who sometimes cannot afford to eat.

That makes me mad. Really. (as my mom would add for emphasis)

Annette Ryan, Executive Director of Everybody Eats, and her team have decided that there is a sustainable and non-soup kitchen way to address this issue. They will start a cafe.

(If the video does not load click here to view http://vimeo.com/33203229)

Now before you start choking on your coffee and yell at the screen about the high rate of failure in the restaurant industry. Some researchers found that contrary to popular belief only 27% of independent restaurants fail in the first year. The actual report can be downloaded here: Why Restaurants Fail.

If you’re still not convinced–Jon Bon Jovi thinks this is so cool that he started one of his own.

(If the video does not load click here to view http://vimeo.com/33206188)

Our Deep Dive conversation covers

  • Estimated cost of start-up.
  • Whether or not the time line matched up with expectations.
  • The value of a business plan.
  • How empathy can grow from being in the trenches.

From what I have been told, none of the community cafes (18 in total) have gone out of business even with a pay-as-you-can policy. The innovation here is taking a solution that typically would be attached to grant funding/donations and provided only on an emergency basis to something that lives in the community and anyone can enjoy.

Below is the link to Everybody Eats

There is a FREE conference about community cafe

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