How Do You Get Your Start in Global Health?

People get into global health a variety of ways. I especially admire Dr. Paul Nanda’s entry into global health because he discovered his passion in the middle of his family medicine residency. For those of you who don’t know too much about medical training—it is not very flexible. This is a story of someone who made a decision, became the first family practice resident at The Ohio State University to do an international rotation and then went on to found and head the Global Health Education Department for Family Medicine at the same institution.

Watch the interviews on my Vimeo Channel:

In TWO jam packed interviews we cover:

  • Beyond canned answers- the decision to become a doctor and go into global health.
  • The importance of mentorship in global health.
  • Scoops on opportunities for med students.
  • The importance of needs assessments.
  • Being open to collaboration with people outside of your particular field (law, nursing etc).
  • How to get meds at a lower cost.
  • What not to do!

Here’s a list of links that he refers to during the interview:

Chidamoyo Hosiptal

Chidamoyo Hosiptal–You Tube Video


I am pleased to share with you the start of what will be an incredible Skype series intended to illuminate the incredible work that is being done on the ground in health care and what it takes to do it.

In order to make it feasible to get all the juicy details, the interviews will be posted into two jam packed sessions. The first interview cuts to the chase—we talk about the problem he is intending to fix, how he chose his method as the way to do it and gives advice to you on how to charge into global health.

Click here for the short interview (<6 min.):

The second interview is a deep dive where he tells you what it really takes to be a game changer, how to define success and weather you’re cut out for global health.

Catch the deep dive honesty train here (24 min.):

As always share what you’ve learned and what you want to see!

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